Chicken Khichuri Recipe

Chicken Khichuri recipe collection from Bengali  cuisine. Khichuri one types of mixed dishes in here and this types of dishes originated from Indian subcontinent. Chicken Khichuri makes in various ways. Chicken Khichuri Recipe 1.Mixed Chicken Khichuri Materials : Rice 2 cups Carrots ¼ cup Potatoes ¼ cup Mung bean ½ cup Butter oil ¼ cup…

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Beef Khichuri collection

Khichuri recipe collection

Khichuri recipe collection from Bengali cuisine. It’s very popular in cold weather. Khichuri recipe collection from Bengali cuisine. Khichuri is local name of this dishes. It is one of the most popular dishes in here. Basically Bengali cuisine used many types of meat,vegetables, fish or dal in this.  The rice is commonly cooked and served…

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