Mango Kasahmiri Chutney recipe

Mango Kashmiri Chutney recipe

Mango Kashmiri Chutney (Achar) recipe   Mango Kashmiri Chutney recipe on Kashmiri style. Basically it’s makes from Green Mango. We collect Green Mango in April to May when it is raw. Chutney is most attractive dish in Indian Subcontinent. We makes it some different way. Mango Kashmiri Chutney is a popular pickled or chutney in Indian subcontinent. Here’s mango will be…

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Chutney Recipe

Chutney Recipe in Bangladeshi Style Chutney is most important in Anglo-Indian cuisine. The word ” chutney ” is derived from the Hindi word. It’s meaning to lick. Historically known, similar in preparation and usage to a pickle simple spiced chutneys can be dated to 500 BC. Here is some chutney recipe in Bangladeshi way. 1.…

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