top 10 traditional food in Europe

The Best Traditional food 10 European Countries.  If you ever visit Europe, you don’t know about traditional food in different European countries.  Europe is not only a sightseeing destination, but it is also a waste of time to visit Europe without eating traditional European food. Europeans should be happy to eat Mediterranean seafood or sea…

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Nepal Tourism

Small Country Nepal

Nepal is not a small country!!!   The small landholdings of the Great Himalayan Range are eight of the ten highest mountains in the world in Nepal, including Mount Everest and the highest mountain in the world.  Nepal is famous for its abundance of natural beauty. But Nepal is drawing tourists from all over the…

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Bengali Muslim Marriage

Bengali Muslim Marriage: A Beautiful culture  The Bengali Muslim Marriage or Bengali Wedding includes many rituals and ceremonies that can span several days. First step of this system,  is official registration of the wedding and presenting Denmohor (known as kabin) and ends with the Bou Bhat ceremony.  Introduction of Bengali Muslim Marriage Firstly the matchmakers ( ghotoks) who are generally friends…

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