South Indian Desserts

South Indian Deserts Collection from Indian Cuisine South Indian Desserts is one of the delicious desserts in Indain Suncontinent.  Here’s some South Indian Desserts recipe.  1. Rava Kesari Recipe Ingredients Semolina 300 gm Ghee 150 gm Sugar 500 gm Milk 800 ml 7-8 Green cardamom Nut paste 2 tabspoon Nut chopped 3-4 teaspoon Raisins 30…

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Barfi Desserts

Barfi desserts

Barfi  Desserts Recipe from Indian subcontinent Part-1 Barfi is a dense milk based sweet from the Indian subcontinent. It is the original of India. Here is some recipe of Bangladesh cuisine. 1. Cashew nut Barfi Materials : Cashew nut – one and a half cup Milk (dense)- one and a half cups Sugar – 250…

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